Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Maybe it is just a day
Like any other days
That has crept into my squalid youth,
Long long dusk,
Before I met you.
I walked last nightthe night of the 13th
Down a dingy street
It was quiet at ten
A full moon hanging like a luminous disk
Bright as 22 candles
All lit up avidly for sure
On your birthday cake.
I walked upon my shadow
Wishing it were yours
But what's the difference, now?
Tried to make up
A profound poem
That would burn
Longer and more brightly
Than those 22 candles.
Only could I smell
The stench of the garbage in the street,
The gasoline-infected air.
I raised my face skyward
Saw the stars twinkle
Far away
In the inky-blue sky
They looked like a bunch of fluorescent moles.
I wandered till I ate
All the peanuts in my pants pockets,
Sniffed at the air,
And walked back home.
I opened up the windows,
Turned out the lights,
Went to bed and
Thought thirstily of you,
Now invisible
Like a nocturnal sun walking somewhere in the darkness,
Then fell asleep
With my unwritten poem.

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  1. beautiful! I love "like a nocturnal sun walking somewhere in the darkness..."