Friday, September 21, 2012

The Game of Life

At the beginning of this football season, the coach of my sons football team handed each player a sheet of paper. He said, Memorize every word in this here sheet,cuz I'm goin to ask each of you each week to recite the whole sheet. Why? It will determine your playing time with the team from week to week.

I am giving you the ball, son, and naming you the quarterback for your team in the game of life. I am your coach. I’ll give it to you straight. There is only one schedule to play—it lasts all of your life, but consists of only one game.

It is a long game with no timeout and no substitutions. You’ll have a great backfield. You’re calling the signals but the other three fellows in the backfield with you have great reputations. They are named Faith, Hope, and Love.
You’ll work behind a truly powerful line. End to end it consists of honesty, loyalty, devotion to duty, self-respect, study, and good behavior.
The goal posts are the Gates of Heaven. God is the referee and sole official. He makes all the rules and there is no appeal from them.
There is also an important ground rule. It is ‘as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also unto them.

The ball? It is your immortal soul. Hold on to it.

Now, son, get in there and let’s see what you can do with it!