Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Had Seen You

I had seen you
walk by
dressed in black
in the pale phosphorescent light.
We stole glances
at each other.
I couldn’t help but
What if . . .
And though being very near
we never spoke.

I counted my steps
and a half
from me to you.
We were within earshot
to hear each other
each day.
And though being very near
we never spoke.

There was a long aisle
carpeted in quiet blue.
I knew how long it was
one morning
when we were coming toward
each other
hurried steps
not knowing what to say
but to say nothing.
We nearly brushed each other
as we passed
and one of us kept eyes downcast.

sometimes quick
sometimes unhurried
the sounds of which
we both became familiar with
as one passed by
a sidelong glance
a lingering smile
and the other was left
with nothing but
a smile remembered.