Friday, August 28, 2009

Instant Books

How cool is it to walk up to a book kiosk the size of a Xerox commercial photocopier, pay and then watch it print and bind and deliver a copy of your book? Well, these Espresso Book Machines are already being in service, and I guess soon your local Barnes & Noble bookstores will have them, too. It eliminates stocking, delivery and return costs. Best of all, your book will never be out of print. Yes. Also, as an instant book concept done by print-on-demand technology, I'm sure the cover price of each book you order will be dropped. Will that make Amazon cringe?

You can read more about this at a fellow blogger's blog:

She even has a link that takes you directly to the Lightning Source Distributor where you can watch a video clip of how a book is ordered, printed, bound, glued, trimmed and delivered. The Espresso Book Machine prints the pages at the same time it creates the color cover. Isn't that neat?

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